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Just mixed new EP from Chaunte Shayne

December 30, 2017

You’ll be hearing more from this badass young singer in the near future. And her dad is backing her up on guitar and vocals. It’s like The Partridge Family but…. not.


November 20, 2017

Just got back from Nashville, 4 days of writing with Leland Grant, Will Robinson and Kimberly Kelly plus a fantastic dinner with the legendary Sharon Vaughn. More to come on this stuff, something is happening I’ll be able to talk about soon.

Busier than….. fill in vulgar metaphor here.

September 12, 2017

Sorry, been too busy working to post about how busy I am…. Currently working on mixing the new Handsome Midnight

album (kind of 90’s flavored dude indie rock), mixing the new Firebell album (Pat Metheny style jazz trio), mixing the Barbaro

EP (bluegrass with great songwriting and vocals) and….. mixing the new Communist Daughter record too!!!! ¬†Plus just starting

to track Davina & The Vagabonds (indescribably delicious sexy jump blues and vintage r&b) new record, writing and recording

with Jordan Holm (current indie pop/rock), recording with Alex Kiel (great country singer), just co-wrote the new single for Jesse

Larson (the Voice) with John Fields, recording 2 songs with Step Rockets (cool indie rock), along with a couple of other things….

So if you don’t hear from me that’s why, I’m not sitting around eating bonbons I’m busier than…. fill in vulgar metaphor here.

“Madman Across The Water” on Ray Donovan season premier

July 25, 2017

A couple of years back I produced a version of Elton’s “Madman Across The Water,” for Alison Scott. Just found out it will be in the season premier of #RayDonovan on Showtime. It airs August 6th at 9pm. Special thanks to the Laurel String Quartet for playing this challenging arrangement on it, they really nailed it. Great Peter Anderson drum track too.

Great time in Nashville writing with these freaks

May 30, 2017

Lincoln Parish (ex Cage The Elephant), Johnny Lucas (recently moved to Nashville from UK) and I had fun writing

new songs in Lincoln’s fine studio. Johnny will be making a record soon…