Media / Quotes

Etta James – “Kevin Bowe is the baddest songwriter I heard in a long time.”

Paul Westerberg – “I got goosebumps…. play that song again!”

Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller – “Great songs and he sings the hell out of them.”

Jonny Lang – “My favorite co writer.”

Dan Wilson – “Kevin has such a refined pop sense.”

David Z (Prince producer) – “His songs have hit #1 on my car stereo.”

Meat Puppets – “Kevin’s mixes gave me chills! This guy can mix, but more importantly he seems to really understand the songs and is passionate about it. Each time a new mix comes through is like a holiday!”

Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones producer) – “A truly great songwriter.”

Billboard (re: Tommy Castro’s Soul Shaker album) – “Mesmerizing and explosive…the most artistically successful album of Castro’s career.”

Johnny Solomon (Communist Daughter) – “Working with Kevin has been a godsend. He took the time to understand my process and pushed my boundaries in all the right ways. His understanding of songs makes him the best.”

Tommy Castro – “Kevin Bowe sweat blood for my record record ever, it has his talent all over it.”

Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) – “Kevin brought a composer’s ear to the mixes in a way that I really dug. I was really stoked!”

Al Kooper (re: Kevin’s Tommy Castro song “No One Left To Lie To”) – “A well done ballad, ya got me Tommy- nicely done. Shoulda been nominated for SOME blues award.”

Americana UK – “Sault Ste. Marie is as fine an example of roots rock as you are ever likely to hear.”

Insite (re: “Open Season” album) – “This albums finds Westerberg as vital as he’s been since disbanding the Replacements.”

Tom Ruf (Ruf Records) – “I couldn’t be happier, what a fun, cool, vibe. Great sounding record! Warm and a little bit dirty, I’m very, very happy.”

David Grissom (Mellencamp, Dixie Chicks) – “Great songs.”

Kostas (Dixie Chicks, Dwight Yoakum) – “I love it.”

Delbert McClinton – “Kevin can come on back and get together with me any old time.”

Chuck Prophet – “Kevin’s songs are a triumph of the soul.”

John Mayall – “A great writer.”

Jim Gaines – “I love Kevin’s songs, send more!”

Leo Kottke – “Great lyrics.”

John Kass (distributor)– “Your Suicide Commandos record is so good I’ve got goosebumps and tears. Masterful job!”