Okemah Prophets

Peter Anderson has been a first call drummer in Minneapolis since the heyday of the ’80’s…. he is also in demand as a house drummer, engineer and producer at Ed Ackerson’s Flower Studio. Peter’s true love of music in almost any style has landed him live, touring and studio credits with Alison Scott, Freedy Johnston, The Ocean Blue, Soul Asylum, Polara, Mark Mallman, Parlour Suite, Honeydogs and countless film/tv soundtracks. Along with the other Okemah Prophets, Peter is a part of this “Wrecking Crew” of Minneapolis and not a day goes by when he is not making music and walking his dog Carlos.

Steve Price is a veteran of major label buzz bands like Rex Daisy right alongside barroom favorites like Two Tickets To Paradise and ELNo. If you can name a song recorded between 1964 and the present….. Steve knows it. Besides playing live and in the studio with The Okemah Prophets, Alison Scott and Freedy Johnston, Steve is a member of Shiny Lights, has toured with Indigenous and works as a studio rat. His dirty little secret is that he is as highly certified in Apple’s Logic recording software as anyone can get. He specifically asked that his other dirty little secret not be put in this biography.